MHS Bella Dawn


2017 Welsh Cob Mare

American Nat'l Supreme. Ch.*Minyffordd Megastar x American Nat'l Supreme Ch. *Trefaes Belladonna x Cathedine Flying Express

Bella Dawn was our much prayed for and anticipated Megastar/Belladonna bay filly!  We got almost all colts from this combo and dearly wanted a filly to carry on this bloodline for us. Bella Dawn has lovely movement, huge liquid eyes in a tiny pony head, and great conformation.  Her temperament is wonderful and she learns readily.  She is pictured here with her surrogate mother (she was born via embryo transfer), thoroughbred mare, Yxes (Sexy backwards). Bella is now a mother of a gorgeous bay filly, MHS Michelle My Belle, who looks exactly like her!

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