About the MHS Ranch

The MHS team is centered on trust, respect, and cooperation. Each team member, gifted in different ways, works in harmony to make a cohesive team. Together, we are able to bring out the finest in the Welsh Cob to continuously produce the best in the breed.


MHS Ranch Owners

Todd Barbey

Todd’s background is in psychology, history, business, occupational therapy, and pastoral care. Though he wasn’t raised in a barn, his experiences are tied directly into the development of the Welsh Cob. He loves the history of the breed, understands the mindset and personality, and is empathetic to the needs of the herd. The horses adore him and his connection with them is evident to anyone that witnesses the interaction.

Todd has a natural ability to show in hand and an affinity for driving. He loves to ride them on trails and is very good at handling Cobs in breeding situations. Driven to improve and protect, Todd is a perfect guardian of the herd. He is constantly improving the ranch to provide the best possible environment for the horses. His attentive nature allows him to connect with every horse and immediately know if something is off. His only flaw is that he wants to keep them all.

Bonnie Barbey

With a long ancestry of horse breeding in her blood, it’s no wonder that Bonnie has dedicated her life to working with such magnificent animals. Having grown up with horses, breeding and showing quarter horses along with other types, Bonnie is experienced in showing in Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Jumping, Trail, Barrel Racing, Driving, showing in hand, and more. This is the primary reason she, together with Todd, chose the Welsh Cob. It’s the versatility of the breed that makes the Welsh Cob so amazing! From the show ring, to the trail, to driving around the ranch, they can do it all!

She has a passion for bringing out the finest in any breed by maintaining standards to the best of the original design for the horse or pony rather than changing the breed to suit the latest fads. With an eye for quality, Bonnie has embraced the Welsh Cob personality and is fully committed to the breed. She is passionate about bringing out the fire, spirit, and flash while maintaining willingness and train-ability.

In her experience, once a horse lover discovers the Welsh Cob, they then become loyal to the breed because of their dynamic personalities, movement, athleticism, and substance.

David Bradbury

Australian born David Bradbury brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the ranch.

Australian born David Bradbury brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the ranch. David’s original passion for horsemanship was born from an internship under retired Hungarian Cavalry officer, George Pazar. This experience cultivated David’s ability to ride, train, and communicate with horses in a way that few can. Expanding on this tutelage, David continued to manage large equestrian operations across the world, acquiring vast knowledge in equine husbandry.

David has won many championships, medals, and awards, riding his own and his clients’ horses. Under David’s direction, horses and riders in multiple disciplines have achieved success at Regional and National competitions. After 42 years of experience, David continues to expand his knowledge of the subtleties of horsemanship.


MHS Ranch Staff

Caroline Miller

Caroline Miller is a young & learning equine professional hailing from Rochester, New York. She spent her early equestrian years showing on the RAHA Hunter circuit and working with off-the-track Thoroughbreds, whose athleticism and grace further fueled her passion for jumping. Her first horse, an elegant gray Thoroughbred named Hill Street Blues, was her greatest teacher and best friend. Caroline spent her college summers in Durango, teaching young children and guiding on its vast and beautiful trails. After graduating from Skidmore College with a degree in photography, she made the move permanent and began working at MHS. It is here that, under the careful and thorough tutelage of David Bradbury, she has begun to learn the finer points of handling young horses from birth, through their early years of groundwork, and onto their first rides and beyond. Watching the young cobs grow and learn has been one of her greatest joys and she looks forward to learning more about what the horses have to teach her.  Caroline has also chosen to pursue her passion for photography and so has been working during the week as a professional photographer on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Train and working weekends at the ranch.

John Rolfing

John Rolfing is our do-it-all team member.  John worked many years on the auto racing circuit as a mechanic.  He has managed large ranches, loves to work with his hands, does all of our vehicle maintenance, is the perfect handyman, drives the big tractors, and does horse handling as needed.  John is an indispensable member of our team!

Sasha Stauffer

Sasha Stauffer is new to the MHS team, but has proven herself in taking readily to the handling and riding methods used here at the ranch.  She started riding at four years old, her excitement and love for horses fueled by her mother’s beautiful stories of galloping across the countryside as a child.  Sasha has ridden English, western, and dressage beginning with an equitation foundation which led to her passion for dressage.  With many years of working in show barns, teaching riding and horse care lessons, Sasha is a wonderful addition to the team.  Here she does horse care, riding, assists David in training, and is a training apprentice under David’s mentoring.


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