MHS Breeding Methods

The MHS team’s methodology is to handle horses with cooperation, not domination. The foals are imprinted from the very first moment of birth and handled with gentleness and love. They are schooled without breaking the spirit because the Welsh Cob spirit is what defines them. Each horse has its own unique personality and our team’s methodology is to work with that personality, bringing out the best in that horse.


A Standard of Breeding

Our goal is to be a legacy breeder in the United States. We searched Wales for the finest Welsh Cobs available and brought over the strongest foundational horses possible, forming our distinct line.

An MHS Welsh Cob is clearly identifiable to equestrian enthusiasts familiar with the Welsh Cob breed. This is due to our rigorous breeding standards and our keen eye for purchasing horses that better enhance the line.

Success Begins with the Right Handlers

At MHS, we recognize that producing the finest Welsh Cob is a combination of genetics, environment, and schooling. It begins with an understanding of the bloodlines and matching individual mares with the proper stallion to enhance the best qualities of the bloodlines.

A natural, healthy environment, the second factor, is essential in raising up ponies and horses that have great wind and bone from running free, know their herd and people manners, have had all their nutritional needs met from birth, and have the psychological stability that comes from getting to be a horse in as natural a setting and herd environment as possible.  We very rarely keep any horses stalled for long periods of time except for the rare case of illness or injury.

The third contributing factor for a champion Welsh cob is individualized handling. MHS handlers are selected to be empathetic to the horse’s needs and they are able to identify for which discipline each Cob is best suited.

David Bradbury, trainer and farm manager at MHS, has over 42 years of experience managing large equestrian operations around the world. There is no one better to foster and develop high performing champion horses.


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