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MHS Welsh Cobs

MHS (Mynydd Hir Stud, L.L.C.) is a top provider of champion Welsh Cobs - the remarkable horse from Wales.


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Our ranch spans over a hundred plus acres of pristine Colorado mountains and valleys. Since 1994, we’ve been setting a high standard for the Welsh Cob in the US. With our imported stud and mares, and now our home-bred cobs, we are dedicated to champion quality horses and ponies in this highly versatile breed, who can perform and excel when shown in-hand, and in sporting, dressage, and driving.

Our champion Welsh Cobs, Minyffordd Megastar, Trefaes Belladonna, Mynydd Hir Starbucks, and Teifi Judy Jazz, have won many American National Supreme and Welsh Cob Championships in-hand. They’ve won numerous ridden championships, and for Megastar, many driving and trail championships.

Their offspring, along with Megastar’s offspring from lovely imported mares in our herd and mares across the nation have been a major factor in establishing the standard of Welsh Cobs in America to the highest level, rivaling even that of Wales.

MHS is committed to producing historically correct cobs that are athletic, intelligent, friendly, strong, and versatile; the honest-to-goodness, do-it-all pony/horse.

A Welsh Cob is the ideal horse for:

  • Dressage
  • Endurance Riding
  • Sport Riding
  • Hunting
  • Jumping
  • Work Activities
  • Pleasure, Show, and Combined Driving

Versatile Sport Horses

A great deal of training is needed to foster a successful sport horse, so start out with the best breed for your riding passion. The Welsh Cob is a perfect breed for professional riders and new riders alike.

About MHS

MHS boasts huge open pastures for our champion horses. We make our priority the physical and mental health of our herd.


Breeding Methodology

The MHS team’s methodology is to handle horses with cooperation, not domination. The foals are imprinted from the very first moment of birth and handled with gentleness and love. They are schooled without breaking the spirit because the Welsh Cob spirit is what defines them. Each horse has its own unique personality and our team’s methodology is to work with that personality, bringing out the best in that horse.

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The Welsh Cob Standard

The Welsh Cobs were birthed and evolved from the Section A Welsh Mountain Pony. In the 18th and 19th centuries, outcrosses to Norfolk Roadsters, Hackneys, Arabians, some English Shires, and possibly others resulted in the modern Cob. Cobs were employed as riding horses for the British Cavalry, reliable mounts for traveling doctors, farmers, and other working people, as well as carriage, cart, cab, and wagon animals in the cities.

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    " I purchased the lovely Sec D buckskin filly, that everyone was drooling over when Bonnie posted her baby pictures! MHS Aurora took the long trip to Massachusetts in style, Welsh Cob style that is. She arrived totally calm and happy, due to her confidence, and calm temperament. She had a great childhood. She is now a lovely young mare. MHS Aurora is everything I could hope for in a Welsh Cob mare. I can't wait to start driving her."

    Adrienne St.Cyr A Very Satisfied Buyer
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    Having raised Welsh Ponies and Cobs for 30 years in South Africa, I knew exactly what type of Cob I was looking for when I moved to the US three years ago. I wanted the whole package!! True to type Welsh character, good temperament and drop dead gorgeous looks. This was not that easy to find until I found MHS Cobs in Durango, Colorado. After traveling 3000 miles to Raleigh, North Carolina, my 3 black beauties finally arrived. Easter Lily, Odyssey and Knight Star. They are all I could ever have hoped for. Their temperaments are amazing and obviously have been well loved and well handled. Thank you to Todd and Bonnie! It has an absolute pleasure doing business with you and a privilege now to call you friends.

    Jean Budler An Extremely Happy New Owner